Whose fault..?

N1Wireless cheated me.
I bought Jawbone ICON THINKER on N1Wireless.com.
It is a Bluetooth ear-phone set.

Few days later I received it.
But it is defective.

1. LED is not worked.
2. Bluetooth connection is very unstable than others.

I was very embarrassed.

In addition, it is *USED*.
It is paired by another two device named droid. 
I found it on Mytalk.jawbone.com.
I have no droid or android device EVER.
I have used only iPhone4.

There is many scratches on the surface of product.
They sold me *BRAND NEW Product*.
But I received *USED* Product.

There are two different S/N between on the product and box.
Damn it!

I think it is repacking product.

But there is no responsible reply from N1Wireless.
Paying delivery fee and restock fee if I want to return.


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